Our Treatment Approach

Spider Veins Treatment

Removing spider veins requires a detailed understanding of the anatomy of the skin and pathophysiology of spider veins (understanding why they happened).

During your initial consultation, Dr. Malvehy will evaluate the root cause of your spider veins and any potential reticular veins, also called feeder veins, to make sure they are addressed during your treatment.    Treating reticular veins can reduce the rate at which new spider veins form, increasing the length of time required for subsequent treatments

Sclerotherapy Foam Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a popular option for treating large networks of spider veins (as well as varicose veins).

During the treatment, a small, targeted solution is injected into the unhealthy vein, causing it to collapse and close. Eventually it is reabsorbed by the body, while the blood is re-routed to healthy veins, typically deeper in the body.

Superior Sclerotherapy

Dr. Malvehy exclusively uses Asclera, a name-brand, FDA-approved alternative to hypertonic saline, to treat both spider and varicose veins.  It’s not only less painful, but far more effective, in terms of time and results;  

Am I A Candidate for Sclerotherapy ?

Not everyone is a good candidate for sclerotherapy.

  • Pregnant women are NOT eligible for the procedure while pregnant.
  • Patients who have had a blood clot must receive approval from their physician before receiving the treatment.

How Long Does Sclerotherapy Take?

The procedure generally only takes between 15 and 20 minutes.  Up to 80 % of a vein can be removed in one session.  As for the number of treatments, that varies depending on the severity of each condition.  Some patients do return for another session, or more.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Most patients are able to drive yourself home after the process is done. You can engage in light physical activity, such as walking, to promote healing.  You should avoid hot baths and direct exposure to sunlight while you’re recovering.

Our Treatment Approach

Dr. Malvehy personally performs all consultations.  He spends extensive time with each person to learn about the length, symptoms and severity of your condition, past treatment attempts, lifestyle and work schedule, and any other concerns you present to him.   To begin, he will perform a vein ultrasound so he can pinpoint exactly what is causing your vein issue.  This approach enables him to prepare an entirely customized, effective course of treatment for each patient.