Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Jaimes and his staff were so helpful and pleasant. He took time with me to discuss my problem and the best way to proceed to fix it. I was so happy with the outcome of my vein procedure. My legs look and feel so much better!"

I can honestly say that I have always had a good experience at this office. The staff is courteous and the wait time has always been short. Dr. Jaimes has a wonderful bedside manner, he takes the timeto answer any questions you may have and you leave feeling comfortable with the instructions you have been given. My legs have never looked better! Thank you, thank you!!

He took his time explaining what was causing my vein problem, as well as going in to great detail about the laser procedure. He also had already preformed hundreds of procedures and taught other Doctors. This was very comforting to me… The procedures caused very little discomfort, only a slight burning sensation.  I am very thankful to the Doctor for doing such great job. Also, Jessica and the rest of the staff have been incredible.  If you have a varicose vein problem and have been thinking about getting it taken care of, call Dr. Jaimes. Don't waste time like I did.  You will be very happy with the results of this very skilled physician." 
Peggy Brushenko

“Amazing doctor and staff. Very professional. He cares for his patients and this is obvious from the initial consultation to the follow-up visits. His attention to detail is beyond what I have experienced with any other doctor.”

 “It has now been 8 months since he treated my spider veins. He made good on his promise of touching up anything still visible after the healing period. His professionalism and knowledge are impeccable. The employees are very nice and professional as well. I am quite happy with my results and the attention I received at this location.”

“There is so much misinformation about vein treatment. If you have leg pain, heaviness, itchiness, spider or varicose veins you need an ultrasound and not sclerotherapy. There may be a root cause of your vein issues that a dermatologist or even vascular surgeon will not diagnose properly. I tried years of sclerotherapy and my legs only worsened pain and appearance wise as years progressed. This doctor knows his stuff and the process has been enjoyable, efficient and educational at the same time.

I am very happy I finally went to his office. The facilities, staff, and procedures are pleasant, friendly and warm. I will recommend him to everyone.”

“Great doctor. I highly recommend him.”

“It was better than I could've ever imagined, they healed me of an ailment that if left untreated could have been very serious. Thankfully along with his expertise and experience took care of me quickly, easily, and painlessly. I would recommend him and the entire staff to anyone.”

“It has been one week since my veins were removed and so far the results have been amazing! My legs are healing much faster than expected. It just seems to be bruises that heal and go away.”

“The doctor and his wonderful team are not only personable and professional but also organized, my consultation and treatment were conducted promptly on time. DrThey addressed all of my questions and concerns and I am pleased..”